Hey there! I always like knowing a lot about the bloggers I’m checking out. I figured having this “about me” space would be perfect for this type of case! If you were wondering a bit about me/my blog – here are some questions I get asked a lot!

Where are you from?

I live in the state of Washington. I live like 15 minutes away from Portland, Oregon though! A lot of my photos are either from Portland or Vancouver, Washington. Although usually if my photos are from the beach (which… often times they are), my photos are of California beaches along Orange County, as well as all up and down the Oregon coast.

Where do you shop?
The majority of my clothes are from Target or American Eagle. I have a few other pieces from H&M, Tillys, and Vans.

What kind of camera do you use for photos and videos?
Canon Rebel T3i (This model isn’t made anymore – so I recommend getting the T5i). I use my iPhone a lot as well for photos!

How do you start working with brands?
This is something I’m trying to do less. Not that working with brands is a bad thing, but I became so heavily influenced by what other brands were having me take photos of for a while, since blogging was a job of mine… Now, I try to blog because it’s fun, not because it’s a source of income. But, for those of you who are curious about this side of blogging – Usually what happens is a Public Relations person will email me asking to collaborate. Often, I’m asked through contract to post photos that feature their products on my blog and Instagram; sometimes there’s a post frequency requirement, sometimes there’s a specific set up that they are looking for, and sometimes I have free range as long as the product is included. If there’s a paid sponsorship for a post, I’ll mark it with a (*).

How did you start blogging?
Actually, I started after a friend breakup! I needed something to throw myself into and I found the beauty community online. I began as a beauty guru on YouTube. However, videos are time consuming, and when I was in college – I never had the time. Blogging fit better with my schedule, and I had an interest in editing photos. I still enjoy YouTube sometimes, though now that I’m a teacher – I don’t get the chance to film often. It’s something that I haven’t done in a long time, though I keep meaning to get back into.

What do you do in your free time?

I’m actually a middle school math teacher. I teach sixth and seventh grade math. If I’m not doing anything school related, I’ll usually hang out with friends by getting coffee, going into the shops, hiking or walking around the city, or taking beach trips on occasion. Sometimes when I’m feeling like having a day to myself, I’ll work on cleaning, drawing/sketching, and hanging out with my kitten!

What is your hairstyle?

I told my stylist to give me a lob (a long bob). It’s shorter in the back than it is in the front. My hair has a balayage style of hair color; starting at a medium brunette, melting to light blonde. Typically I style it by curling it, I switch up between a curling iron/straightener/wand to get beachy waves. I add in by scrunching in curl cream, spritzing dry shampoo to my roots, and finishing off with either hair spray or beach spray!

Thanks for reading.
Your support has lead me to continue working hard online, and accomplishing something I really love and am interested in.


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