Cheetah Skirt!

Okay, I LOVE the look of a cheetah or leopard print skirt. They’re so cute and have been totally on trend for the last year or two!

I actually thrifted my cheetah skirt. I just saw it at goodwill, and immediately gasped and knew it had to be mine! Mine’s actually a maxi skirt. However I pulled it all the way up to basically below my bra and that made the length more of a midi style.

I paired it with a charcoal grey AC/DC graphic tee (you can honestly pair it with any kind of top…. plain black tee plain white tee any graphic tee) and I knotted mine because the graphic tee is quite big!

I paired it with my white Air Force 1’s (I bought the platform version) and then used my Michael Kors black crossbody bag!

This would also be cute with a red bag, a nude color bag, or white bag! And if it were sunnier that day… I would’ve paired them with a cute pair of black circle lens sunglasses!

I hope you guys enjoy the look! 🙂

XO – Laura

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