Where have I been?!

Hello, everyone!

Okay, so I’ll admit… it’s been a minute… or, more than a year, since I’ve written a blog post. And honestly, that’s because I’ve been so busy! So much has changed with work, with school, with life… allow me to share a little bit about some updates!

I started Grad School! I’ve been working on getting my masters degree. I anticipate I’ll finish in a year, or maybe less. It’s a do at your own pace… so we’ll see. I am almost halfway finished now. I’ve been in online school and working at my own pace, which has been really nice. Getting a masters degree in addition to working is honestly really hard. I’ve been struggling to be motivated, to read boring texts, to write long papers, to relearn how to do APA citations, and focusing at a computer is a tough way for me to learn! But, I’ve been making my way through it and I’ve even earned some awards from the university for my papers or projects along the way… which has been really great! It’s a big accomplishment and I’ve been working so hard.

I’ve been finishing teaching 7th grade math, and got a new job for next year! I will no longer be a middle school teacher… I’ll be an elementary school teacher! (Finally!). I’ll be teaching 5th grade next year, which I’m SO happy about. I’ve been wanting to teach elementary school for a LONG time, and now I have my chance! This will be a BIG change and I will be learning a LOT, but I’m a fast learner & a hard worker, so I can do it. I couldn’t be more excited. This will definitely be a better fit for me, it’s a smart career move, and I’m really really happy and excited for it. I cannot wait!

I’m moving! That’s right! Ya girl is moving in with my boyfriend, we got a beautiful two bedroom apartment, it’s brand new and beautiful! Moving is tough. You never really know how much stuff you have until you move. Depending on how fast things come together, maybe I’ll even do a little bit of a decor post! Stay tuned for that!

I’m sure there’s more things that have been going on in my life, but those are the big ones right now keeping me swamped and busy. However, I’ve missed blogging and have been wanting so badly to return to it… so, here I am! I’m hoping to be sharing some new fashion and maybe even beauty or recipe content with all of you very soon!

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these times. I know living through this pandemic is difficult, but I hope everyone is able to make the best of their situations. My thoughts and heart are with everyone, but especially the essential workers.

Stay safe, and wear a mask, everyone! PS… they’re fashionable and keep others & yourselves safe/feeling comfortable.

I’ll write again soon! 🙂

XO – Laura

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