Swimming at Huntington


Okay so I’m one who NEVERRRR feels confident in a swimsuit at the beach. I’ve got a tummy, I have curves, I have squishy parts that I hate, I have scars from a surgery on my tummy, and I’m overall insecure! Wahoo to being a woman. However in this swimsuit I’m super comfortable and confident. I wore it when laying out and swimming in the ocean at Huntington Beach, and I’ve found the shape to be really flattering and nice.

If you’re like me and struggle with the concept of wearing a bikini but want to wear one anyways… try this type of shape:

High waisted bottoms: both solid colors like these black ones and pattern are really cute and trendy. I own and regularly wear both black and a tropical print. High waisted is so slimming and still covers but gives you the two piece feel!

Flowy top: this bib style top is suuuper in style. I see this style out every year and I’m obsessed with the perrywinkle kind of color!!

I’m sure as I continue to navigate through wearing bikinis (I wore tankinis for foreverrrr) – I’ll have more tips. But in the meantime, I wanted to share this for struggling women out there!

OH! I also forgot to mention this swimsuit is from Target!

XO – Laura


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