Novex Hair Care!

Hey all – I was recently sent some new hair products to share & I wanted to give you my full review on this amazing hair care line!

I really do love every single product I was sent!

Novex is a Brazilian haircare company with a gorgeous new line that is perfect for hydrating dry/damaged hair.

The mystic black line is formulated to soften & moisturize hair for a sleek, shiny finish.

I love to use the shampoo/conditioner daily. Both the shampoo & conditioner are free of sulfates, parabens, and all that bad stuff – so it actually works to thoroughly cleanse & condition your hair without damaging it.

After the shower, I’ll use some of the leave in product. I’ll squeeze a dime size to quarter size amount in the palm of my hand & run it through the ends of my hair before wrapping it up in a towel to air dry.

Once a week I follow up with the hair repair mask. This mask is my favorite product of the collection because it is SOOOO hydrating! After I use this stuff in my hair, my hair is MUCH more manageable, soft, and detangled. Which is HUGE for me because I naturally have wavy hair that loves to get tangled & frizz out! But this stuff helps save me from that problem, and gives me dreamy soft hair!!!

Thanks to Novex for sending me this gorgeous hair line. I love the products and highly recommend!

XO – Laura

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