Bad Days

I keep finding myself not feeling good enough for or about anything lately. Not a good blogger, not good at taking photos, outfits sucking, my makeup looks stupid, all of that sort of stuff. Now I know that all of it isn’t true, and it’s just my haunting insecurities talking to me. We all have those thoughts and feelings of not being good enough. So I guess, when I start feeling like this, it’s best to take care of and treat myself. I do that in simple ways.

This could be like buying myself a bouquet of happy colored flowers, taking a bubble bath and putting on a face mask, eating comfort food (though lately I’ve been pigging out on carbs and sugar – I always find I feel 100x better after I eat a piece of fruit or a yummy salad instead of Mac & cheese or sweets), and last but not least – I cuddle my kitten or either of my two puppies and watch some TV or a movie with my family (my usual is to watch Monsters Inc because it’s actually one of my most favorite movies).

Since it’s Saturday and I’ve felt sort of bad about things lately, I’m sitting here drinking lemon water and watching Monsters Inc with my two dogs and my mom! And I felt inspired to write this post!

I wrote on my Instagram that since leaving my job of “fashion blogging” for companies, I’ve felt more of a pull towards lifestyle blogging rather than clothes or beauty. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still post about that stuff because I do love fashion, but it’s not my sole focus anymore as a blogger. I’m not sure what is my purpose is just yet as a blogger, but I think I will eventually figure it out.

XO – Laura


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