Ramona Falls

I went hiking a little over a week ago with my dad through ramona falls. It was a gorgeous hike. Hot, and difficult (mostly because I’m more of an indoor girl lol), but still really fun. It’s always good to get outside, get some fresh air, and be around those who mean most to you! For this hike, you have to climb across these logs with the Sandy River flowing underneath you (and let me tell ya – that was scary). But I overcame my fear and conquered that beast! 

Definitely different than my usual weekend cardio (aka shopping at the mall or in downtown Portland), but nevertheless – I got to hang with my best friend in the whole wide world: my dad. 

My dad is basically me, but in boy form. So it’s cool having someone older than me that I can talk to about whatever. Ever since I was a little girl I was always attached to my dad by the hip! Whether it was going to the grocery store, playing games outside, going on bike rides, going to Disneyland, or now going on hikes – I know it’s a good weekend if I can spend it with my dad! 

XO – Laura

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