Hey friends! In case you didn’t know, I’m a teacher. I graduated from WSU Vancouver with a Bachelors Degree in Education. I’m endorsed to teach K-8, Middle School Math, and English Language Learners. 

I teach sixth and seventh grade math. I’ve always been a major math nerd, it’s one of my favorite subjects. I know it’s not cool to like math, that it’s trendy on twitter to think it’s lame, or to hold the mentality that you can’t do math. However, challenge accepted, because math is pretty sick and teaches you a lot of skills you’ll use in any job you’ll ever have. 

Anyways, since teaching is my actual career, aside from blogging (which I view more as a hobby), I figured I’d start incorporating it to my site. 

You can check out my Teacher Fashion posts as I share my wardrobe combinations and tips with you, as well as check out posts featuring my classroom decor or set up, as well as I’ll link some resources I use it recommend in the classroom – in case your a teacher too! 

I’m excited to share this part of my life with you. I started blogging when I started college, and I plan on keeping it as a major influence to myself as I continue into my professional life. 

If you’re a teacher, welcome fellow teacher friends! If you’re thinking about becoming a teacher, DO IT. Or, if you’re just interested in teacher posts – heyyyy! Welcome to this section of my blog. 


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