Posh Box 

I got the first ever Beauty posh box! This is a super cute box full of goodies to try. I’m really excited about some of these products. Here’s a mini review of each item in the kit! 

Sigma F40 Large Angled Contour Brush: this brush is really soft. I like the angled texture for contouring, but it also applies blush and highlight really well. This brush applies product evenly, blends well, and is my new favorite brush. I can’t wait to get more sigma brushes. 

Sigma Aura Powder in Nymphaea: this product is labeled as a powder but I wear it as a blush. It’s a gorgeous universally flattering pink tone. It has a pretty peachy pink color to it, and holds a matte finish. It looks great on the skin and blends really well. Plus, the packaging is very nice and sleek. Well done. 

Brow Food Aqua Brow Pencil/Powder Duo: this is a really interesting product. The packaging is really cool. You pull the top half of the cap off and there’s a pencil to outline your brows. Then you use the spongey applicator once you twist the cap completely off, and fill in your brows using the powder. This product has a really nice taupe shade; not too cool and not too warm. I don’t fill in my brows often, but I really love the result this product gave. 

Dermalogica Stress Positive Eye Lift: okay, LOVE this eye cream. It’s gentle but super moisturizing. So in case you’re like me and have dry under eyes, or undereye puffiness and circles from being over tired, give this stuff a try. I love that it comes in a squeeze tube. It makes application so clean and easy. 

Julep Reparative Rosehip Seed Facial Oil: this stuff is magic in a bottle. Just take a few drops, and I actually mix this in with my moisturizer, and it gives your skin a dewy, hydrated feel and look. It’s mega moisturizing and smells really nice too. It’s light in texture but does a good job and keeping your skin well nourished. This was my favorite product in the box, and I am obsessed. 

Ouidad Climate Control Shampoo/Conditioner: my hair has been frizzy lately! Maybe it’s because of the humidity levels in summer, but once I started using it on my hair, I’ve been left hair that’s feeling frizz free and smooth! I love it. It smells good, lathers well, and does a good job making my hair feel clean and rebalanced. I love the conditioner too. Salt water or salty air exposure and sunlight can damage your hair, but the conditioner works to save it! Really liked these products. 

Aquis Hair Towel: I really enjoyed this. I used to feel like hair towels were just over priced shamwow’s but I really liked this. I put it in with my travel stuff to keep with me when I go places, and I really liked this! It helps to soak up the moisture and water from your hair post shower, and keeps your hair from being tangled or twisted in with your regular towel. It’s super soft and is a fun product worth a try! 

That’s the box!

Thanks for reading, everyone. I loved this box and I’m so happy with all of these products!!! 

Until next time —

XO – Laura

Disclaimer: I was sent these products free for review purposes. 

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  1. I definitely wanna try this box out!Check out my latest posts?
    Mena | femmerewritten.com ✨


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