Blonde Balayage

I got my hair done and am so stoked for this new color. I figured I’d do a quick Q/A about my hair since I’m asked often about it.

  • Where do you get your hair done?

I actually go to the JC Penney salon. I started going there because I heard some good reviews and it was within my price range for a color/cut. 

  • What color is your hair?

I brought in a picture of a blonde balayage from Pinterest. Most of my hair was my natural color, so we just bleached using the balayage technique to get the ombréd beachy effect I was going for. It’s a very natural and sunkissed look. I recommend a balayage for everyone. PLUS it’s so low maintenance – it blends in with your natural so well that you only have to go to the salon like every 6 months. I hadn’t colored my hair in 7 months!

  • What is your hair cut?

I had a blunt long bob; and I thought I wanted to keep it blunt. But because of how heavy my hair is naturally, due to how thick it is, I knew I needed layers. Therefore I have a long bob (just past my collar bone) with longer layers and facial framing. 

  • What products do you use?

I use Dove shampoo/conditioner, although once I’m done I know I’ll be headed back to Lush to get the BIG Shampoo & a deep conditioning treatment. I wash my hair every other day; sometimes every 2 days. I use dry shampoo in between time. I love the Not Your Mothers! Clean Freak Dry Shampoo (long name, right?). You can find it at Drugstores.

I use It’s a 10 Miracle Leave in plus Keratin once a week on Sunday’s when I do wash my hair. It’s a good deep conditioner. Other days I wash my hair, I use Redken’s anti snap leave in.

For styling, I use my hair straightener or curling iron or hair wand to create messy beach waves. The trick is to curl your hair in opposite directions each time you curl. That way some curls face towards or face away from your face. I always hit my ends with my straightener to keep them from getting too frizzy. I finish the look off with Lush’s Sea Salt spray + Pantene hair spray

I hope this answers some haircare questions! 

XO – Laura 


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