Top items for Fall from MAC

I love mac products. They are cult favorites within the beauty community and are so often used for both editorial and wearable looks in the fashion industry and on the streets. For fall I have 3 favorite products that I highly recommend because they’re super trendy for the season. I have one eyeshadow and 2 lipsticks. 

  • Lipstick: Syrup (light mauve/berry)
  • Lipstick: Party Line (berry red)
  • Eyeshadow: Star Violet (rosy cranberry)

Berry tones are super in style for this time of year and you can create so many wearable and statement looks with these types of hues. If you’re nervous about the berry eyeshadow – use it as eyeliner or only smudge a small amount on your lower lash line for that subtle pop. If bold lipsticks are your thing, check out the shade party line because it looks good on just about everyone and also makes your teeth look really white. But if you’re more into the soft and natural look, opt for syrup. It’s my all time favorite lipstick and is super easy to wear! 

Thanks for reading. 

XO – Laura

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