August Nail Polishes

As we wrap up summer, it’ll be the last time this year to rock the summery shades on our mani’s and pedi’s. Here are four of my fave shades. 

  1. Mango: Rich orangey red shades are perfect to compliment a tan. It’s a fun, summery twist on a classic shade. 
  2. Bubblegum: I love pink nails. They’re so girly and classy. Bubblegum hues are for sure my go to. 
  3. Neon: neon shades scream summer. They make everyone look insanely tan. My favorite neon shades are orange/coral tones. 
  4. Aqua: I’ve always loved Aqua shades for pedicures. They look so clean and pretty! 

* You can find very similar shades at LA Nails in the mall. They have a ton of colors to pick from!

* If getting your nails done aren’t your thing – check out Ulta. They have a ton of nail colors to choose from! 

Thanks for reading, babes! 

XO – Laura

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