Minimal + Basic Style





For SO long I felt like I had to dress up with fancy jewelry, wear bright colors and follow trends to feel stylish. What I’ve learned is that sometimes the best fashion is a style that is easy to recreate and pull off. Basic pieces such as black jeans, white tees, field jackets, and booties are something you can mindlessly throw on and wear for the day without having to stress about what to put on.

In high school especially, getting ready was such an anxiety rush for me; because I had no idea what to wear when getting dressed. I’ve learned to purchase pieces within a similar color palette that easily fit together in my wardrobe, so that I don’t have to stress when getting dressed.

For this outfit, I paired together my green field jacket (H&M), my black skinny jeggings (Charlotte Russe), a white v neck tee (Old Navy) & my taupe booties (Charlotte Russe). All of the pieces in this outfit are key staples that I can pair with several things in my wardrobe. Flexibility and minimalism are two essential wardrobe characteristics I’m focusing on when making future purchases.

So, what do you guys think? Are you into minimalism and basic styles, too? What colors are you most drawn to in your wardrobe? Leave me a comment on instagram, letting me know!


Thanks for reading, beauties!! XX

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