Lazy Girl’s Guide: College Style Essentials

college outfit 2 college outfit 1flannel: american eagle.
jeans: american eagle.
beanie: target

hoodie ootd 1hoodie ootd3hoodie: forestry clothing


My first ever style post! Now, first things first.. I’m not the most knowledgeable in the world of fashion. BUT, I do know a thing or two about being a lazy girl in college. So, for days when you want to be cute, comfortable, or throw on an outfit without having to think much about it… here’s a style post for you featuring a few style essentials for long college days.

Flannel shirts are the best inventions. Not only are they cute, but they’re soft, comfortable and are great year round. On warmer days, throw on a comfy tee and tie it around your waist. On days where it’s more chilly, layering will be your best friend. I love days when I throw on a soft v neck or any tee, with a flannel over it. The outer most layers can consist of different styled coats. I love field jackets, rain jackets, or basic zip up hoodies paired with flannels. Overall, flannels are a must have layering piece throughout the course of the year. You can pair them with anything; making it a staple piece for lazy girls.


This is my new favorite hoodie that I’ve recently ordered from Foresty Clothing Company. Soft hoodies are the lazy girl’s absolute best friend because they’re super comfy and still cute. On days where I’m feeling very lazy, I’ll pair these with leggings and flip flops or a pair of vans – depending on the weather. However, I also like to pair hoodies with boyfriend jeans because it keeps with the relaxed vibe. Usually on days where I wear hoodies – I keep my hair style and makeup pretty minimal so that I overall will have a relaxed look. For us lazy girls, you really can’t go wrong with classic hoodies.


Beanies are the best way to cover up the fact that you were too lazy to wash your hair. They’re super cute, and add a fun twist to your outfit, as well as keep your head warm. But, mostly of us lazy girls use beanies on days where our hair just isn’t cooperating. Side Note: I love to add bobby pins to pin my beanies to my hair so that the beanie stays in place all day long.

4. wo-MAN BUNS:

This half up half down trend is my absolute fave lately because it requires such little effort but gives such cute style. You can dress up or dress down this style. It looks fantastic with every hair texture – I usually wear this hair with second day curls or with my natural hair texture on days where I just don’t feel like doing my hair! Overall though, this hair style is super on trend and perfect for every occasion!

That’s it for today guys! Be sure to check out my other blog posts, and let me know what your favorite lazy day outfits/essentials are!

Thanks for reading, beauties!! XXX

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