Nip+Fab Kale Skincare Range

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Guys, you have no idea how excited I am to be working with Nip+Fab on this post!

I’ll tell you a bit about the brand. They’re a skincare brand based out of the UK (available in Boots & Superdrug if you’re from there), and also at Target + CVS Pharmacy if you’re from the US. They have excellent skincare products that cater to several skin types and concerns.. Their products are affordable – averaging at about $10-$20 per product, and overall have such a luxurious feel.

Their new skincare line is different because it’s ingredients include kale. Kale adds an extreme nutritional value to your skin. Since your skin is the furthest organ from your bloodstream, it receives the least amount of nutrition. The lutein in kale helps to protect against UV induced free-radicals (cells that can lead to disease), and also improves skin hydration and elasticity from the collagen found in Vitamin C (which kale has a lot of). Vitamin C in it that also works amazingly to brighten your complexion.


Nip + Fab were so kind to send me their makeup remover pads, kale face mask and their moisturizer.

You can check out the products HERE.

(The Kale products I’ve heard right now are sold out on pre-order, but be sure to check out your local Boots/Superdrug OR Target/CVS).

Makeup Remover Pads: I think this may just be my newest favorite makeup remover. This stuff is so gently, is suitable for my sensitive eyes & skin, and also does a great job at removing dark, waterproof makeup. Usually my waterproof mascara has a difficult time coming off, but this stuff works like a charm. They smell like cucumber and leave my eyes feeling really hydrated after using them.

Clay Face Mask: If you need a DEEP clean in your pores, this is your go to. It also smells like cucumber, which I think adds a very spa-like feeling to the entire line. It also does an excellent job at deep cleaning your pores. Your skin will be stripped completely of old makeup, oil, dirt & bacteria. What I love most is that it works so well to deep clean, yet balances your skin with plenty of moisture. After I’ve used the product, my skin felt soft and glowing.

Moisturizer: This is a perfect lightweight moisturizer that feels so soothing after using the face mask. It wears well under makeup and doesn’t make your skin feel too greasy throughout the day. I’m going to be loving this during the fall weather because it makes my skin feel really nourished. Also, I love applying this onto my hands because it seriously helps keep them hydrated while the air is changing to the cold-dry feeling. This little baby is going straight into my hand bag to carry everywhere with me. PLUS, this smells really good and is also suitable for sensitive skin – which is so important.

That’s all for my review today! I hope you guys enjoyed, as always. Thanks to Nip+Fab for sending me the range to try, I absolutely am loving these products!

Thanks for reading, beauties! XXX

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