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I was so kindly sent these products for review, and I am so excited to be working with the brand, Sebamed! They are fantastic because they are a skincare brand that is specific for sensitive skin.
They feature products for: Dry, Age Defense, Baby, & Clear Skin
What is so great about sebamed is that it is a soap free skincare system, so it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals/ingredients in it that will help break you out or irritate sensitivity. Their products contain a pH level of 5.5 which is the level needed to have healthy skin.

Your skin, made up of layers, has this layer called the “acid mantle” on the very surface with a pH level of 5.5. The acid mantle is needed to protect the outer layers of your skin from loss of hydration or sensitivity. Internal (hormones/stress) and external (weather/irritants/allergies) factors can lead to skin inflammation and infections – like break outs/rashes/etc. However, sebamed products help to restore that pH balance so that your skin does not breakout or become irritated.

Check out their site by clicking HERE


Clear Skin Foaming Face Wash: This stuff is exactly what it says. It’s a light foaming face wash that I like to use in the morning to help wake me up. It is really gentle, has a slight clean scent and feels really cleansing. I like that it doesn’t make my face feel tight after I use it – but I really feel like it is getting into pores to help clear things up.

Clear Skin Facial Toner: I love this toner! It is only of the few toners that does not burn. It’s this blue fluid that I pour onto a cotton round and rub onto my face. This helps give to provide a clear, even toned complexion over time, and helps to really deep clean the skin. It feels similar to an astringent, and overall really draws out impurities and bacteria.

Clear Skin Facial Gel: If you’ve got oily skin, this stuff is perfect for you! It is really hydrating, but not in an overbearing way so that you’ll feel greasy. This stuff feels so light on the skin, and if you have acne or are acne prone skin, you’ll love this stuff.

Clear Skin Spot Treatment: I rarely get blemishes. If I do, they’re usually pretty small. However, this clear gel helps to heal spots incredibly fast – I was pleasantly surprised. I like to wear this stuff over night as I sleep, but I’ve also worn it throughout the day as well. It doesn’t cling to makeup, nor does it dry in a funny texture so you should be okay to wear it under your makeup. I just put a small dot over the blemish and it helps to fight bacteria and heal the infected area.

Dry Skin Day Cream: I love this little jar of joy. I put it on my neck, chest and back of my hands both during the day and night. The first places that show signs of aging are these areas, and this cream is so moisturizing. It is a thick cream, but if you have dry skin you will love wearing this on your face and neck. I gave this product to my mom, and she swears by it. It is hands down – a new fave.

That is it for today’s review guys! Be sure to watch my next YouTube video to see these products in action. I’ll have that posted soon, 🙂

Thanks for reading, beauties!! XXX

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