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Brows are a huge accessory and have been really on trend for the past year. The reason why brows are important is because when you have a properly shaped brow, your face is more balanced. Brows help provide shape to your face. A more arched brow gives your features a sharper/more mature appearance, and straight brows allow for a natural/youthful look.

Here are my tips for brows:

  • Use a pencil or powder to fill them in your brows once you’ve shaped them.
    If you have thin brows: Use a pencil or pomade gel.
    If you have thicker brows: Use a powder with an angled brush.

productsKeep a light hand towards the start of your brow and darker as you reach the arch/tail of the brow, that way it won’t look as drawn on. Blend out with the spooli brush to prevent a drawn on look.

I love Anastasia, L’Oreal and NYX Brow Products.

  • Set your brows with a tinted or clear brow gel.

gelTinted makes your brows look even fuller while setting them. Clear just sets them into place.

This step is really important because it keeps your brow hairs from moving around throughout the day and allows for them to maintain the shape that you’d like them to.

  • Sculpt your brows by using concealer.


Carving out your brows is an excellent way to cover any hairs that you haven’t had the time to pluck, and make your brows look even more perfected. Take your concealer that you used for underneath your eyes, typically this is either directly your skin tone or 1-2 shades lighter, and use it with a small brush. Think something along the lines of a small shader eyeshadow brush or a flat concealer brush.

Take a light amount of concealer on your brush and completely outline your brows. The bottom, the top, and the sides. You want to frame them with the concealer and then blend it out with either your fingertips or a damp makeup sponge.

product recommendations: nars radiant creamy concealer, maybelline fit me concealer, ELF $3 concealer brush.

  • Highlight your brows.

IMG_1452IMG_1459Highlighting your brow bone allows for structure. Use a shimmery champagne shade, apply with either a small eyeshadow brush or your finger tip and place the product under your eyebrow arch. Blend downwards on the bone towards the tail of your brow. You can use either an eye shadow or the highlighter that you use for your face over this area.

product recommendations: champagne pop by becca/jaclyn hill, iced latte by loreal, champagne by covergirl, marylouminizer by the balm.

So, that is it for today! I hope this post helped some of you looking for ways to step up your brow game.

Thanks for reading, beauties! XXX

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