Personalize Your Skincare routine with Confident Skincare

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I am so beyond excited to be working with Confident Skincare for this post!

In case you guys did not know, Confident Skincare is a start up skincare brand based out of Beverly Hills, California. They are available online – you can get to their website by clicking: HERE

Confident Skincare is a personalized skincare program. On their website, you will take a survey discussing your skin type, your issues with your skin, finding out about how hydrated your skin actually is, etc. etc. From there, the confident skincare team helps build your own personalized routine. The products cost $39/month for one month supply. When you do the math, that is such an amazing deal as most drugstore products aren’t even that affordable for the products that you get.

Before I jump into the product review, I just have to say that their customer service & PR team is excellent as well as they have beautiful packaging of the products. They feel very high end and look gorgeous on my counter top! 🙂


Maintain Line: Daily Purifying Cleanser


I love this! This face wash is amazing at really cleaning out your pores. This stuff will get rid of all dead skin cells, oil build up, dirt, and makeup, leaving you with smooth and clear skin. This product is formulated with aloe vera gel that contains antimicrobial properties as well as anti-inflammatory properties, witch hazel to control pore size and oil production, and coriander oil to wipe out bacteria. I recommend using this with a facial washing sponge or brush because it doesn’t lather much.

Confident Skincare recommends starting with a small amount and gradually building up as these products may seem harsh to use at first because of their intensive formula.

Maintain Line: Daily Calming Moisturizer


This moisturizer smells really good. It makes your face look and feel so soft and silky. I love that it doesn’t make my skin feel overly greasy throughout the day, and it wears really well underneath makeup. I apply this both in the morning and in the evening after washing my face. I’m usually super picky with moisturizers, and this one is an absolute new must have. This moisturizer has stuff like oats in it to help with nourishing your skin, seaweed extract that helps with premature aging by stimulating the metabolism of aging skin cells, and beet extract to establish a natural moisture balance.

Maintain line: Soothing Recovery Mask

Okay, so I use this about once a week. I like to treat myself to it on Friday nights. If you have lesser sensitive skin than I do, you can probably use this every 2-3 nights or so. This mask draws out impurities and really deep cleans and tightens those pores. It’s absolutely fantastic. It doesn’t burn – luckily – or turn my skin red – which is kind of a first for masks as I don’t usually respond well to them. This one is so great though! This is formulated with a bunch of ingredients that contain antimicrobial properties, will help nourish the skin, absorption and control of sebum production, as well as antiseptic ingredients.

Rejuvenate line: Firming Eye Cream

IMG_1126I like this eye cream a lot because I have really sensitive eyes, and it does an excellent job at really nourishing my under eye area. This stuff is like magic in a tube. It has caffeine to help wake up puffy, tired eyes. I love applying this at night and in the morning to help keep my eyes looking and feeling awake and hydrated. I apply just a dot of this under my eye and use my ring finger to pat it into the skin.

OVERALL, I have to say that I love this range! Finding a skincare routine that fits your exact needs can be really difficult. However, confident skincare makes it easy to find your ideal personalized routine. Be sure to check out their social media, as well as my own for more beauty posts!

Thanks for reading, beauties! XXX

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