Bloke Body Coffee Scrub

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This scrub is fantastic! It is a coffee scrub that smells like a combination of Orange + Coffee. It is amazing at clearing the dead skin, oils, dirt, from your pores! This is well suited for sensitive skin, and really helps add a nice glow factor to your body. After using it, I instantly felt super refreshed, and noticed my skin was very soft.

I love coffee scrubs, and Bloke Body is my favorite one! Not only is the packaging cute, but the content inside is actually fabulous for your skin. Coffee is great because it helps to plump up your skin, making it look more youthful + flawless. The caffeine from the coffee helps combat cellulite, so this is perfect for the bikini wearing season!

Be sure to check them out at! This scrub is excellent. I HIGHLY recommend!

Thanks for reading, beauties! XXX

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