on lid: stark. socket line: primal. highlight: skimp.

Ah, yes… the Naked 2 basics palette. I’ve been eyeballing this one for a while, and I’m so glad that I finally made the decision to purchase it.

The palette has a collection of mostly matte, cool-toned shadows. Because the shadows are matte and cool toned, they can create the most beautiful, defining, natural eye look.

So, let’s get into the review already…


Skimp (what a cheeky name!): This is the one shade that isn’t matte in the palette. It has more of a luminous finish. It’s not too shimmery or sparkly, but not flat either. This is a beautiful brow bone highlight. Sometimes I feel like I can never leave the house without a brow bone highlight, and this is my go to shade. It’s perfect. I even like to use my finger and swipe this shade along my cheek bone to look extra glowing.

Stark: When I think of trying to describe this, I think of the perfect shade of blonde. I’ve used this to fill in a friend’s brows with an angled, brush – it was a perfect shade. This shade is pretty similar to Mac’s Omega, but a little bit lighter. This is a great base color, the only ever eyeshadow brush I use is a Mac 217 brush. I use that to slap this shade all over my eyelid. Bam… Done.

Frisk: A matte grey-brown eyeshadow. Great for lightly defining the socket of the eye. When my eyes are puffy because I have an early morning class, blending this through the socket helps me look wide awake in no time.

Cover: This is a matte, warm toned shade. Because it’s warm toned, this shade lands the spot of being my personal favorite. It creates a really cool looking contrast between the other shadows and along with my light eye color.

Primal: My brow filler inner shade. That’s the best way I can describe this palette. If you’re like me, being blessed with dark eyebrows, this is a great shade. It’s perfectly cool toned, matte, and just a great shade for brows. I like to use this also along the outer corner of my eyes to bump up a smoky, cat eye effect. For being a dark shade, this blends beautifully.

Undone: It’s matte. It’s black. It’s perfect. Dip your angled eyeliner brush in some water, or something along the lines of Mac Fix +, and you’ve got a liquid eyeliner on the go. You can also use a smudgy brush to smoke out your upper (and even lower) lash line, to create a sultry or even grungy look. Matte black eyeshadows are always great to have in your collection because they provide excellent contrast and make great eyeliners. Use this shade dry along with an angled eyeliner brush and you get that same sort of definition from an eyeliner, but it won’t look as harsh as a gel or liquid formulation.


This is such a universally flattering palette. Between the multifunctional use for filling in brows, and creating a wide variety of eye makeup looks – ranging from natural to smoky – this palette is perfect for everyday, nights out and for travel. Great pigmentation, easy to blend, I give this palette a 5/5 and I highly recommend! You go, Urban Decay!

Thanks for reading, beauties! XXX

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