Mermaid Eyes

Hey beauties! I decided to create a look inspired by mermaids since I am completely obsessed. I used my new Surf palette that I picked up from Ross. I’m not sure who makes this palette, but you can totally recreate this look using similar colors from your makeup collection!


1. Place a shimmering mint green shade on the inner corner of your eye and inner third of your eyelid

2. Pat a shimmering aquamarine shade on the center of your eyelid

3. Blend a periwinkle and purple shade onto the outer third of your eyelid

4. Blend, using windshield wiper movements and circular motions, a cool toned brown through the crease of your eye to add dimension.

5. Highlight your brow bone with a shimmering butter shade

6. Tight line your upper lash line with brown pencil eyeliner

7. Apply plenty of mascara

I paired this look with bronzer, highlighter, a baby pink cream blush and a light rose lipstick.

It’s important when wearing a heavy/colorful eye makeup look, to keep everything else neutral.

That’s all for now!

Hope you guys recreate this look – and if you do be sure to tweet me or tag me in your photos on instagram!

Thanks for reading, beauties! XXX

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