All About Hair! 2015: The Year of the BOB!

There’s no doubt about it that the bob hairstyle SLAYS the beauty world right now. A cropped cut is totally hot for this year! Plenty of celebrities have been exchanging their long locks for a blunt cut, ranging from a long bob (or lob), to the wavy bob (like what I have – at about shoulder length), to the french bob (above the shoulders). All of which are WAY cute!

Personally, I get so many questions about my hair. Why I cut it, how I cut it, what the color is, etc. etc. Well, here is my complete guide to my hair! Including some of my favorite products, and a description to how I style my shorter length!
PERSONAL: I cut my hair for many reasons. One, I wanted something new. I was hurt, recently… well, at the beginning of this year by the only guy I have ever actually loved. We weren’t in a relationship or anything, just “good friends,” as he once called it… but inevitably, I completely fell for him. And, not only did I lose him in my life as a “good friend,” but my heart & spirit has been crushed. So, I did what most girls do… cut off their hair and hope for a fresh start at love and at life. Although my heart isn’t anywhere near mended, I’m still pretty glad I went out on a whim and cut the locks off. It was kind of refreshing to have something completely new while trying to find out who I really am, since no longer am I the naive girl, free from emotional scars. It’s like a new beginning, and who knew I could feel that way about something as simple as a hair cut.

Another reason why I wanted my hair gone, was because I’m a full time college student and while I enjoy looking nice for school – I’d rather get 15 minutes of extra sleep, than spending that time doing my hair to look cute. Short Hair = Less Getting Ready Time = Extra Sleep = Happy Laura. 🙂 

CARE: I use the Not Your Mothers beach babe hair line. It’s my personal favorite. I love it because it smells like the beach, it has a coconut scent to it – and the shampoo/conditioner is incredibly moisturizing. It helps add a lot of volume, body, and wave to my hair. Plus, these products are very affordable, so they are a definite favorite of mine! I only wash my hair every other day, not everyday. On days where my hair is feeling extra greasy – I opt for a dry shampoo. Dry shampoos are like powder in a can that you spray into your hair, leave it on for about 10 minutes to absorb oil, then massage it into the roots to help add volume, texture and eliminate grease. This leaves your hair looking and feeling cleaner than before. 
Now, because I get my hair colored – a deep conditioning masque is a necessity. My personal favorite is a spendy, yet amazing product. The Bumble & Bumble mending masque costs a fortune, but it has made the biggest difference in my hair. I use this masque once a week. When you bleach your hair like I do, you’re stripping your hair of proteins & moisture, which is basically what your hair is completely made out of. So, in order to prevent breakage, melting (yes… melting), and split ends, you need to replenish the nutrients your hair is lacking. This masque has keratin in it – a protein that your hair is composed out of – and applying it to the hair, leaving it on for 10 minutes once a week (only once a week – doing more than that can actually over nourish it, and cause more damage to your hair) overall increases the health of your hair. A less expensive alternative would be the L’Oreal masque from the drugstore – it comes in a jar. Look for anything labeled “deep conditioning treatment” or “with keratin” to get the same affect. 
CUT/COLOR: The color of my hair is just a light blonde. I get highlights put in. When I go to the salon I get a full highlight with foils. Naturally, I’m a dirty blonde. I have that dish watery, mousy brownish blonde hair color that looks dull and lifeless. I love being a blonde, but I’m always in the mood for switching something up. I’ve had just about every hair color there is, and blonde is the safest & my most favorite shade.

The cut I have is plain and simple: a neck length bob. I have no bangs, and in fact my hair cut is kind of in an A-line shape, meaning that the back is a little shorter than the front. I brought in a picture of Lauren Conrad to my hair dresser as a reference photo as to how I’d like my hair cut. I recommend bringing in reference photos to the hair salon so your hair dresser can know exactly how you’d like your hair to be styled. I get my hair thinned when I cut it because my hair is incredibly thick and with a shorter length, I risk looking like a giant puff ball dandelion unless I do so. The overall length is at my neck, with the pieces in the back being about a half an inch or so shorter than the front pieces. I personally don’t have bangs, but adding bangs in with the bob style is a super cute look too.

STYLE: I’m a hair flipper, meaning that sometimes my hair parted in the middle, sometimes it’s parted off side, and sometimes I flip it into a deep set part. Deep parts have to be my favorite, I have been sporting that look since high school, but now I kind of do whatever. I think thats why I like my hair cut so much, I don’t have to think about it, I just do what I want and whatever feels comfortable.
The first step to styling: heat protection. I like the treseme heat protectant because it has an even amount of spritz so your hair doesn’t get too damp or too gunky. You can find this heat protectant at any drugstore! 🙂
I usually curl my hair. To do so, I use a 3/4 inch curling wand by Bed Head. I got mine at Target. This wand is tapered, meaning that the base of the wand (the part closest to the handle) has a larger circumference than the end of the wand. I just point the wand downwards, and wrap small sections of hair flat around the wand. I wrap the pieces of hair AWAY from my face, because that is what is most flattering. Now, because my hair is short – I can get away with only curling the top layer of my hair. Which basically means it takes me about 5-10 minutes to do my hair in the morning. 
After I finish curling, I’ll shake the curls out by running my fingers through my hair – breaking apart the curls and creating a more relaxed, beachy vibe to my hair.
The final step is some sort of finishing spray. My favorites are the John Frieda HairSpray for Blondes or the Not Your Mothers beach babe hair spray. The John Frieda one smells so good, and has really nice hold to your style. It doesn’t make your hair feel too.. dare I say, hard. Ha.. I have sick humor. As well as it really adds a lot of shine to blonde locks! The Not Your Mothers beach spray has been a product I’ve been using for a long time! This stuff smells like a coconut paradise. I just spritz it into my hair and use my fingers to scrunch and shake the product into my hair. This helps the curls last all day long and provides the look as if I just came back from the beach. Beware though: This stuff if you use too much can be drying and make your hair feel crispy.
I sometimes like to tuck one side of hair behind my ear. I feel like this adds a sophisticated, and almost “boyfriend style” vibe to the hair. Keeping things relaxed and approachable, but at the same time looking mature and elegant. It’s a simple – very simple – way of stepping up your hair style game! Plus, it looks so cute with the bob hair cut.
So, that is it for todays post! What do you guys think? Would you ever trade in your long locks for a bob? Which celebrity do you think has the best hair style? (Personally for me I’d have to say I think Julianne Hough or Lauren Conrad are my hair style icons!) 
Thanks for reading, beauties! XXX

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